Our team is very professional in working with servers, computer equipment and programming.

For all fraudsters, we promise to include all their data in our artificial intelligence systems database, and the systems will continuously add your data and fraud information to all third party databases.

Therefore, very soon you will be completely restricted from any shopping in other online stores, ordering any services, limiting the number of bank accounts you have, and making it very difficult to open new bank accounts around the world.

Restriction is carried out using at least one of your data: Name and Surname, address, mail, phone number, IP address or other data. According to one of these data, artificial intelligence is able to collect all your other data online from social networks, advertisement portals and other websites.

If necessary, we will only be able to cancel data extraction in our own databases, but we will not be able to delete data in third-party databases.

For all other users, in case of any problem, we recommend that you contact our support team first and we will help you to solve the problem. If the problem cannot be solved for any reason, we will initiate a refund to you from our internal system and thus the system will not include you in the fraud database.

We cooperate with other service providers and together we try to reduce as much as possible online fraud.