ODIS-S 7.0
  • ODIS-S 7.0

ODIS-S 7.0

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ODIS-S 7.0


Launcher, plugins and license till 2030

Compressed with winrar and split in to 4 parts (4gb)

Please note, flagged by antivirus, but working. Use at your own risk!

Youtube is full of videos on how to run Odis on Win10

To run vas5054a on win10 you will need special files.

ZIP File: 15.8 GB


ODIS-S is a diagnostic software application used by Volkswagen Group (VW, Audi, SEAT, Skoda) authorized service centers for vehicle diagnostics, programming, and service functions.

The software is designed to communicate with the electronic control units (ECUs) in the vehicles, allowing technicians to perform tasks such as reading and clearing fault codes, accessing vehicle modules, conducting guided troubleshooting, performing software updates, and programming various vehicle components.

Each version of ODIS-S, including version 7.0, typically introduces new features, improvements, bug fixes, and support for the latest vehicle models and systems.

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