BMW Multi Tool V7.7
  • BMW Multi Tool V7.7

BMW Multi Tool V7.7

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BMW Multi Tool V7.7

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The BMW Multi Tool is a device used for key programming, mileage correction, and other vehicle-related functions on BMW vehicles. It is designed to work with specific BMW models and provides various features and capabilities for automotive locksmiths, car repair shops, and enthusiasts.

Key features of the BMW Multi Tool may include:

Key Programming: The tool can program new keys for BMW vehicles, including remote key fobs and transponder keys. It supports various key types and can add new keys to the vehicle's immobilizer system.

Mileage Correction: The BMW Multi Tool can correct or adjust the mileage displayed on the vehicle's odometer. This function is used when replacing the instrument cluster or correcting mileage errors.

CAS and EWS Functions: The tool can read and write data from the CAS (Car Access System) and EWS (Electronic Drive-Away Protection) modules, allowing for key programming and module synchronization.

Key Renewal: It may support renewing used keys by erasing the existing data, allowing them to be programmed to a different vehicle.

Module Flashing: Some versions of the BMW Multi Tool may support flashing or updating software in vehicle modules, such as the CAS, DME (Digital Motor Electronics), or ECU (Engine Control Unit).

VIN Change: In some cases, the tool may allow changing the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) stored in the vehicle's modules.

It's important to note that the BMW Multi Tool is a third-party tool and not an official diagnostic or programming tool provided by BMW. While it can perform key programming and other functions on BMW vehicles, it may have limitations compared to the official BMW diagnostic and programming tools used by authorized dealerships and service centers.

Additionally, the use of such aftermarket tools may require specific knowledge and expertise, as improper use can lead to vehicle malfunctions or issues. For critical tasks such as key programming or module flashing, it's recommended to seek professional assistance from experienced technicians or authorized BMW service centers.

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