Autocom 2020.23 PSA-DIAG (2022)
  • Autocom 2020.23 PSA-DIAG (2022)

Autocom 2020.23 PSA-DIAG (2022)

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Autocom 2020.23 PSA-DIAG (2022)

ZIP File: 2.2 GB

External link. Very fast download speed.

Description: Autocom 2020.23 is the latest version available for download and allows you to diagnose cars of all brands until 2020. Autocom and Delphi are two identical software, only the interface and logos change.

The software works with cheap VCI Double PCB (two electronic cards) for most cars up to 2018, but it may be limited for newer and some BMWs due to firmware 3200 which is not compatible with dual card of this model but only with 1622 , which you already used with older versions.

If you want full compatibility, you need to equip yourself with a FULL VCI CHIP called "A+" on a simple PCB (one electronic card) that supports 3200 firmware and is therefore fully compatible with newer vehicles.


After unpacking the archive, run Nettoyer_delphi_autocom.bat

Keygen password

Year/Date of Issue: 2022

Version: 23

Interface language: Multilingual


Autocom is a brand known for its diagnostic tools and solutions in the automotive industry. Autocom's diagnostic tools are widely used by automotive professionals, including technicians, mechanics, and repair shops, for vehicle diagnostics, troubleshooting, and maintenance. The company provides hardware interfaces and accompanying software designed to communicate with a vehicle's electronic control modules (ECMs) for various diagnostic and programming tasks.

Key features of Autocom diagnostic tools typically include:

  1. Diagnostic Interface (VCI): Autocom diagnostic tools come with a hardware device known as a Vehicle Communication Interface (VCI) or diagnostic interface. This interface is connected to the vehicle's OBD-II (On-Board Diagnostics) port to establish communication with the vehicle's electronic systems.

  2. Diagnostic Software: Autocom provides software that runs on a computer or a tablet, allowing users to interact with the diagnostic interface and the vehicle's ECUs. The software is used for reading and clearing diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs), viewing live data, and conducting various diagnostic tests.

  3. Vehicle Coverage: Autocom diagnostic tools are designed to be compatible with a wide range of vehicle makes and models, providing comprehensive coverage for diagnostics and maintenance tasks.

  4. Live Data Monitoring: Users can monitor real-time data from various sensors in the vehicle, such as engine parameters, sensor readings, and other essential information.

  5. Programming and Adaptations: Some Autocom tools may offer programming capabilities, allowing users to update or reprogram certain vehicle modules. Additionally, the tools may support adaptations and customizations for specific vehicle features.

  6. Service Functions: Autocom tools often include service functions such as oil service reset, electronic parking brake (EPB) service, and other maintenance-related tasks.

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