ETKA 8.2 (1512) 07.2023
  • ETKA 8.2 (1512) 07.2023

ETKA 8.2 (1512) 07.2023

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ETKA 8.2 (1512) 07.2023 + VIN DATABASE 1520938 PCS.

ZIP File: 6.6 GB

External link. Very fast download speed.

Description: The ETKA electronic catalog contains complete information about spare parts and accessories for VAG vehicles (VW, Seat, Skoda, AUDI), including minibuses.

Add. Information: The assembly was made to familiarize the capabilities of the Etka program with RVV-AUTO clients and is not suitable for commercial use. To do this, use the official ETOS spare parts selection program.

Installed on x64.

Preinstalled updates: VW/AU - 1512, SK - 1044, SE - 1038.

There are instructions for installation, read carefully.

Updating prices and databases for Etka, breaking through the VIN codes from the disk from the FGST folder, as well as through a paid online service, is done using the algeni bootloader launched from the shortcut. In the ETKA Loader folder, the start menu contains instructions for setting it up.

In the full version of the loader, advanced graphical features, a new selection mode and editing the base with wines are available.

The version is configured on the C:\ drive, if you install it on another drive, then you need to use the INI files from the acc. folders for your drive.

Ability to install on drive C: , D: , E: and F:

Installed regional settings and price for Russia, they can be changed to any other using the bootloader.

To reduce the size of the distribution kit and installation time, the backup folders Prog2 and DATA2 have been removed, they will appear during the upgrade.

It is possible to install a local database of faults and the Tnrpics folder.

8.2 does not work on Windows XP

Year/Date of Issue: 2023


Interface language: Multilingual

ZIP File: 6.6 GB

External link. Very fast download speed.


ETKA is a comprehensive electronic parts catalog (EPC) used in the automotive industry, specifically by the Volkswagen Group. The name "ETKA" is an acronym for "Elektronischer Teilekatalog" in German, which translates to "Electronic Parts Catalog" in English. ETKA provides detailed information about spare parts, accessories, and assemblies for vehicles produced by Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, and Skoda.

Key features of ETKA include:

  1. Parts Catalog: ETKA serves as a digital catalog that contains detailed illustrations and diagrams of various vehicle components. It covers a wide range of parts, including those related to the engine, transmission, suspension, electrical systems, body, and more.

  2. Part Numbers and Descriptions: Each part in the catalog is assigned a unique part number, and the catalog provides detailed descriptions and specifications for each item. This information is crucial for accurately identifying and ordering the correct parts.

  3. Vehicle Identification: ETKA allows users to identify vehicles by entering the vehicle's VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) or selecting the model and production year. This ensures that the displayed information is specific to the chosen vehicle.

  4. Assembly Groups: Parts are organized into assembly groups, making it easier for users to navigate and locate components within a specific system or area of the vehicle.

  5. Cross-Referencing: ETKA often includes cross-referencing information, helping users find equivalent or alternative parts that may be compatible with the selected vehicle.

  6. Updates: The catalog is regularly updated to include new vehicle models, parts, and revisions. This ensures that users have access to the latest information.

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